Knowing exactly where your vehicles are or where they have been is crucial to the profitability
of your company, the safety of your employees and your peace of mind.

Reducing fuel expenses, reducing overtime, eliminating billing disputes to increasing
customer satisfaction, being able to accurately know where your vehicles are and where they
have traveled can dramatically affect your profit & loss statement.

Businesses lose millions of dollars every year due to lack of effective control in fleet management.
Inefficient routing, overtime irregularities, excessive speeding & idling, unauthorized vehicle
usage are just a few things that will erode an already diminishing profit margin.

GPS Tracking is a technology that affects behavior.
Accountability, responsibility and transparency are all positive byproducts
that result in reduced costs and improved productivity.

Install GPS Tracking and take control! By logging in to the easy-to-use interface you will be able to see where everybody is and where they have been.

Be notified of speeding and idling events. Use the routing feature to dispatch
the nearest vehicle to the next service call. Communicate with drivers
using two-way instant messaging directly to their smartphone
from the application and reduce cell phone bills.

Use the maintenance feature to get auto notifications when the next oil change, tire rotation or service is due on each of your vehicles.

Take full control of your fleet. Improve your bottom line.
Solve your Fleet Management Challenges with GPS Tracking.