It is a turnkey end to end solution that allows companies or individuals to be in the GPS Tracking business and generate a recurring revenue.
It includes:
-Your own GPS Tracking application with your logo, your contact information and your brand.
-A variety of hardware solutions for different kinds of applications.
-Sales and Marketing materials including video commercials.
-E commerce and lead generation website.
-Full sales support.
-Full marketing support.
-Technical support including software customization.
-Full on-going training.
-Ability to sell the service globally.
-High margin recurring revenue 60%-150%.
-A track record with a proven method that works

Yes. If these companies are already buying products or services from you, it would make sense to offer them this service as these companies already have a comfort level in dealing with you. They will be purchasing GPS Tracking in the future it might as well be from you.

That is even better, the sale of GPS Tracking is based on a technology that changes behavior which is more a management decision. So if you are able to communicate ideas like reducing overtime and improving productivity then you already have the skill-set to sell GPS Tracking. When it comes to installation and the technical part of it we will provide you full technical support.

That is good, as the typical customer that purchases GPS Tracking is not really interested in the technical side of it, they are more interested in the end result. e.g. reduced overtime, increased productivity, reduced fuel expense, increased amount of billable hours…

The service can be sold in over 80 countries.

Navigation is a device that allows the driver to see where they are. GPS tracking is a technology that allows companies to supervise their employees and vehicles ensuring that they are more productive and efficient. GPS tracking is the electronic equivalent of having a supervisor driving with the employee all day long.

For the same reason a shop has a foreman, an office has an office manager a factory has supervisor. If a company’s revenue is produced by a driver in a vehicle performing a service it would make sense to use GPS tracking to help them be more efficient. Using a Fleet Management System properly reduces costs and improves productivity. When implemented correctly the use of GPS tracking more than pays for itself.

Simply put by implementing GPS tracking your employees will be more efficient, there will be less wastage of time and resources resulting in increased productivity.

By implementing a Fleet management solution correctly you will see an increase in productivity and a reduction in costs.

A dramatic reduction in fuel costs, reduction in overtime, accurate and verifiable billing for customers, increased operator efficiency, accurate payroll records, improved scheduling, better routing, reduced management costs, reduced insurance costs, increased customer satisfaction.

By explaining to employees that you are implementing this system to be more efficient as well as provide the tools to help in terms of routing, reducing fuel costs, improving customer satisfaction and accountability as well as reducing insurance costs they will understand that it is a companies’ responsibility be proactive in maintaining a competitive advantage in the marketplace. For more information on how to introduce GPS tracking to your employees please call our customer service.

Every 1-5  minutes depending on how the system is setup and your requirements.

As many as you like.

One Year, however you can request a longer storage period if required archive the reports as excel files for longer.

It is accurate to within 25 feet.

Generally no, it is not mounted in an area that is accessible to anyone other than a technician. However should some one tamper with the system it is very easy to determine.

No, unless you give them the username and password.

No more than cellular phones.

When cellular phones were introduced to the market in 1985 not every one thought that they would be such an essential business tool. The use of GPS tracking for commercial vehicles for the specific purpose of management is growing every year. It does not make any sense to have such a valuable resource as ones employees, vehicles, tools, materials and most importantly time go unsupervised 95% of the time. The small cost of GPS tracking is easily recovered 10 times over by increased productivity and reduced costs. As this technology has become more affordable and available to small businesses so has its use.

Where ever there is cellular coverage. It uses the GPRS network so in Canada it is Rogers and T-Mobile in the U.S.

It will store the route it has traveled and will upload the information when it gets back in cellular coverage.

Approx 2.5”x 2.5”x1”

You can either bring your vehicle to one of over 1200 locations in Canada or the United States or a technician can go to where the vehicle is located for an additional fee.

We recommend that this should be done by a professional technician, however many organizations with larger fleets maintain their own vehicles and have their own technicians.

Let the police know where it is, do not attempt to recover the vehicle yourself.

You will be able to see where your vehicles are as well as immediately locate them with in 10 seconds. You will be able to see the whether the ignition is on or off the heading and speed where exactly they are on what road and the nearest address. You will be able to see where they have been, the routes they have traveled, speeding and excessive idling. You can also be notified if a vehicle enters or exits an area that it shouldn’t. The system can send you an email for all these things. The system allows you to generate numerous reports so that you can easily see where and how a vehicle was operated in a matter of moments.

All, as long as there is a driver in a vehicle there is always room for improvement.

The average cost of operating a small van or commercial vehicle on the road is upwards of $6K per month:

Call our customer service at 1(800)383-9125 a friendly agent will be glad to assist you.

Wages @ 25.00/hour based on 40 hour work week= $1,000.00
CPP, EI, WSIB contributions generally are about 15%= $150.00
Total per month= $4,600.00
Vehicle lease= $600.00
Insurance= $200.00
Fuel= $500.00
TOTAL $6,000.00

This is a fairly conservative figure not taking into account any overtime, and filling up only once a week.
It costs approximately $30,000.00 per month to operate 5 vehicles.
You would require an increased efficiency of only 1% to more than pay for GPS tracking. Most businesses that are implementing it are seeing returns of 10% to 20%. This comes from performing more service calls, installations, deliveries, better routing, less wastage of time, increased fuel efficiency, safety and overall improved customer satisfaction.