Personal Tracking

Enfora Mini MT – This certified quad-band integrated device is optimized for today’s demanding mobile workforce and private citizens where location based safety, security and connectivity are paramount. Providing complete GSM/GPRS communications Enfora helps you track and monitor your workforce, from the lone-worker, to the operators of small fleets – and closer to home; the Alzheimer’s patient, children, teenagers on the go and a host of other applications. Excellent GPS performance and sensitivity in a small, ruggedized voice enabled platform. Fully programmable with panic/emergency response button, two-way voice communications, messaging and much more, the units are designed to be easily deployed and provisioned supplying critical information for the most demanding workforce tracking applications. With a motion sensor and vibrating alerts this device is designed for personal and remote worker programs of all sizes. Popular applications include:

Lone Worker Programs Security Guards
Small Fleet Operators Emergency Response Vehicles
Emergency Response Vehicles Specialty Tracking Applications